What is Digital Pen Quran Reader??

Digital Pen Quran Reader is one of the amazing technology that makes you to READ, LEARN, UNDERSTAND & MEMORISE THE HOLY QURAN in very easy way. No matter, how much you know the Arabic language, whether you can read or not, or at what age you have started, you will be benefit from this amazing technology. Old or Young, Arab or non-Arab, beginner or master, the Digital Quran Reader Pen is the device that will make you easy to learn and understand the message of The Holy Quran word by word.

Just by Simply touching the Quran Read Pen on any Surah or Ayah or Word, the pen will start to read that in a loud and clear sound. This Quran Pen Improves reading skills and pronunciation for all age learners, so that we can read and learn the Quran as an Arab. Use the Quran Pen as your teacher or guide any time anywhere.

Both struggling and fluent readers quickly improve their skills in: Pronunciation, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Spelling, Academic vocabulary, and Grammatical structure. With the auditory support provided by the Quran Read pen, You can overcome with hindrance you feel in reading.

The Quran that comes with this digital pen reader is printed in beautiful Uthmanic fonts and the pages are layered with invisible coded grids. The Learning Pen optically detects each unique invisible printed code and read the matching Surah, Ayat, or Word in beautiful digital sound. This provides a very convenient way to read, learn, understand, memorise and recite The Holy Quran, all in just 3 easy steps – Touch, Listen and Learn.!